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Hausa Basic Course

Hausa is the major language of the northern region of Nigeria. It is also used widely in commerce and trade in large areas of West Africa. Hausa is generically related to such well-known languages as ancient hieroglyphic Egyptian, Assyro-Babylonian, Hebrew and Arabic, as well as to others less familiar but also of importance, such as Amharic and Somali.

The Hausa Basic Course teaches the basic phonology and language and provides a good basic vocabulary. Instruction is centered on basic sentences, notes and drills. The recordings include the basic sentences and drills of the units, as well as the supplementary conversations that follow the units.

Student Text
Unit 01 Tape
Unit 02 Tape
Unit 03 Tape
Unit 04 Tape
Unit 05 Tape
Unit 06 Tape
Unit 07 Tape
Unit 08 Tape
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Unit 10 Tape